Life Style Devotionals




1. Daily Devotionals

To strengthen your walk with Christ. A new devotional for each day sent by email for your encouragement and spending time in God's Word. Refresh Yourself - Renew Your Spirit - Refocus Your Mind.
You will find the strength, peace and comfort you need to strengthen your walk with Christ. More Information Here or Sign Up Here


3. How To Do Daily Devotions - Step by Step

The Bible is its own best teacher.  The Bible however is not arranged like an encyclopedia.  Takes a little planning to get started with daily devotions. There is no set of rules of what your devotional time will look like, but here are some step by step ways to be successful with your quiet time with God. IT IS LIFE CHANGING!! GUARANTEED! Check It Out


4. Family Devotional Guide - Step By Step

The title "family altar" simply means family Bible study and worship time together. Every Christian family should have such a time daily. Search out methods that will appeal to all age levels in the family. Different ages have different interests and what may appeal to one, will not appeal to another. Learn More


5. Do You Have a Bible Reading Plan?

Getting Started - 70 Bible Reading Plans
Each Bible reading plan is different in type and length. They are as varied as each individual so you have many to choose from. Consider the following options, but remember to choose one. Regular reading in God's Word is not optional. It's a necessity! Uncover Much More Here


6 . Children's Bible Reading Plans

These ten minute challenges are simple Bible reading plans designed to help children and teen's develop a basic understanding of Scripture and a love for reading God’s Word. But how do you pick the right passages? How can they understand it? And how can you build consistency? Find Out More Here


7 Children's Creative Study Methods

It is important for Christian parents to instill a love for God and His word in their children. Which methods can be used for fostering creativity in children not only to learn what the Bible says, but also live it. Find out ways for your children to not only see God, but to also Know Him More Here


8. Five Bible Study Guides

These free 21 day Study Guides are designed to help with you in mind, considering what practical answers you need to deal with the real challenges in your life today. They are relevant, engaging and life-changing—making your life better now, and giving you a real hope for your future. Discover More Here or Sign Up Here


9. Live The christian Life

If you just go to church, you will be a weak Christian and trials will make havoc of your life. but if you to church and read God's word daily, you will become a strong Christian. The Christian life is supposed to be a life lived by faith. It is by faith that we enter into the Christian life, and it is by faith that we live it out. Explore More Here


10. God's Will for You

God's will for you Devotional to help you discover God's will for your life. For starters, if you are interested in knowing God's plan for your life, then you must learn to walk with God. You need to develop a relationship with Him. Let's look at some of the ways we can discover God's will for us individually. Explore More Here

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