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Download PDF Download Word Recommend Printing PDF and keeping a copy in your Bible.


Read a portion of scripture with your child. Remind them of simple truths such as:

  • The Bible is true.
  •  The Bible is the most unique book.
  •  The Bible is God’s word, written for us to know Him more.

Remind them to listen carefully because this passage will tell them important things about who God is, who we are, and what God’s plan is for us in Jesus.

Ask your child comprehension questions to help them recall important details about the passage. Focus on:

  • Location, characters, and actions.
  • Memorable/notable events – especially about who God is and what his plan is for people.

Make a note of any questions your children have. These questions might be the only conversation starters you need to have some important light bulb moments. If they are stuck, consider asking:

  • “Why do you think God put this in the Bible?
  • “How does what we read in this story show God cares?”
  • “How does this show us, Jesus?”

Encourage your kids to think about how this text applies to their everyday lives. Have fun brainstorming! This can also become a time of confession with one another, encouraging each other towards kind words/deeds, offering affirmation to other family members and even openly sharing the gospel.

Download PDF Download Word Recommend Printing PDF and keeping a copy in your Bible.


A book chart sheet will help you write down what the text says and means, and to tackle questions such as:

Who? What? Where? When? How? And Why?

What does this passage say about God? About me? My sin? My struggles? My opportunities?

What is my example to follow? What Fruit, Discipline, and Character do I need to develop and operate?

What are the sins I need to avoid? What is my call and duty to carry out?

What promise does He have for me to receive? What prayer do I need to offer?

Then write down your reflections in the first person singular because it applies to you.

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