Are You Curious About...

Curious about GodIf we were Honest ...
We are all consciously and unconsciously very curious and aware there has to be more to life and true happiness. You are a unique individual with your own unique story. Some of our life stories have brought us to be curious about asking these critical questions?

"WHY GOD?" or "Is THERE A GOD?" or "WHY ME GOD."



Again Congratulation on being curious looking for a purpose and meaning to Life.

If you are like me we can easily blame everyone else for our circumstances and problems.
We can say: if I had ....Curious for Future... or "what do we worship,"
better job,
better boss,
better parents,
better education,
better car to drive,
better relationships,
better country to live in,
better behaved children,
better and bigger house,
better religion and more knowledge,
better spouse or girlfriend or boyfriend,
some it is having more toys, fun, love or sex,
some it is having a family, beauty, popularity,
and of course more money, power or success.

What is your better ... or what do you worship????????

Check out the short video at the bottom.
"Everyone Worships Something"

The bottom line it comes down to what CHOICES you and I make. We can choose the same thing over and over and hope that things will get better. Or like what you are doing right now, curious for a real reason for living your life to the fullest. Way to Go!

A little secret, I do not know all the answers, but I know the one that has all the answers. Yes, sometimes we might get the answers to our questions immediately or over a period of time or might have to wait for eternity for the answers. But without a doubt we are here for you, to hopefully guide you in your curiosity for finding a real purpose for your life. I promise you, that is very possible as millions can testify to!

We together will look at life's questions together to find the answer, not in a religious preaching way, or push it down your throat way, but a down to earth approach where the rubber meets the road experience. I assure you, you can have an intimate relationship with someone who cares and loves you absolutely the way you are with all of your imperfections, failures, and shortcomings.

You do not have to wait till you are perfect,
or try to work towards it with good deeds,
or say maybe someday later, I still want to sow some wild oats,
you come simply as you are. The only catch is, you make the CHOICE.

Right now you can say:
" I will wait for another time,"
or " I am not interested,"
or "I have heard it all before,"
or "I have tried it before,"
or ".................................,"
or "I want something that is Real in my life." YOUR CHOICE!Beat Up & Hurt

If you were like me, you tried and done a lot of things. You might be starting this process like myself when I became curious many years ago, to find more meaning out of life. I came with a lot of baggage, scars, personal hurts, fears, destroyed relationships and had disappointed a lot of people. Not caring who I hurt and living a very selfish life. You might be like this illustration of the girl in the picture feeling beat up beyond recognition in a lot of ways that you only know:
and Spiritually.

There is someone who Cares!

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Check out our short video:
Everyone Worships Something