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First Step in our Relationship with God

First Steps In A Relationship With God

Jesus stands alone as the most famous person who ever lived.
His life and teaching have profoundly impacted, more people than anyone else.
Nations tell time by His birth. His appeal extends across race, culture, and national boundaries.
People have found in Him, what they could not find in anyone else.


Imagine that you're about to be a parent; in 9 months you'll have a child.
You're excited and scared and want to learn everything possible about parenthood. Starting Baby StepsSo you read books, decorate the nursery, ask people for advice and prepare for the big day.
When that day finally comes, you go to the hospital, and after many hours, the baby is born. High fives. Cheers. You call your family.

And then you decide to leave the baby at the hospital.
If you did this, everyone would think you were crazy and a bad parent. Yet spiritually, we often have the same approach we approach our relationship with Jesus. We put so much energy at first praying and excited to talk to other Christians and asking questions, and then we stop and in a sense, at the nursery.

But when a person accepts Christ, it is only just beginning. The first few years -- and even the first 24 hours -- are vital in establishing your walk with the Lord.

This is one of the most important questions we get asked at
"But I don't understand how I'm suppose to let God take control. Like I'm stressed out about work and home, but I can't just stop doing things or else nothing would get done."

Why won't I let God take controlWe can compare it to our life. When we are born we cannot walk immediately as a newborn baby, but we in most cases have parents that protect us and in the big picture are there for us. Then after time we start crawling first, then we progress in doing small baby steps and keep progressing throughout our existence.

In our relationship with Jesus, it is the same with God; He does not expect us to start running immediately when you first come to Him and as the question above to give Him 100% control. You are a work in progressive. In actuality, we all are a work in progressive till we get to end of our road on earth.

In my devotional time this morning reading His Word (the Bible) I was learning something new that applied to my life after many years walking with God. To be honest, the day God stops working and taking me step by step, I will be worried. We are still under construction with God working on us.This is part of the process that you are going through. You want to do your best for God, but I promise you God knows everything about you and is well pleased that you are hungry for Him.

In the spiritual realm if you accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior, you are starting with baby steps. As a parent with their child to guide and protect an innocent baby, so Jesus is there even though he is invisible by the Holy Spirit to guide and protect you as you start your unique steps with Him on life’s journey. The parent is always there as the baby is learning to crawl, stand or walk and in your relationship with Jesus He is always there as you start to crawl, stand or walk in His guidance.

Looking for a caring local ChurchPart of this Christian walk development is your brothers and sisters at the Church you attend. They are there to be a guide and encourager, like a parent is to a newborn baby. We encourage folks to join small groups or life groups at your local caring Church.  That is excellent and a safe place to ask questions about your relationship with God and your daily life. We would encourage you to start attending and ask questions and ask for prayer in areas that you are struggling in. If you do not attend and would like suggestions on good caring Churches in your area, just contact us here, and we will send you 3 or 4 contact information on Churches in your area here.

We take these baby steps in the area of stress about work and home. First, take them to God each day in prayer (having a conversation with God). If possible pick a quiet place and a consistent daily time. It is easy to feel that nothing is happening and that are prayers are not getting past the ceiling, but please have that child-like faith to trust that God is working.

Like Baby Steps - Step by stepAnother Excellent question we get asked.

"How am I supposed to put faith in something that doesn't move?"

That is the biggest lesson I learned when I first came to Jesus and repented of my sins and ask Jesus in my life and He forgave. I started baby steps with wanting to love Him and serve Him. For the first year when things were going good, I knew God loved me. But when things went sour, I thought where is God and does He love me.  And possibly like you I would say How do I put my faith in the unseen that I cannot see.” And each time I thought I failed God; I would ask Him back into my heart.

About a year later I heard a simple sermon SIMPLY BELIEVE AND TRUST GOD! And that he Loves me and is working in my life.  That was a life-changing moment.

Have Faith as a little childThat simple message trust and obey, that changed my life many years ago.  And have never doubted from that moment on that Jesus is in my life.  Looking back over the good times and the bad times, everything has been a progression. From being a little baby in Jesus’ arms, to start crawling and making lots of mistakes and then taking the first baby steps with Jesus by His Spirit guiding each step till now.  I promise and encourage you just Believe like child like faith.

Matthew 18:2-4
“He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them." And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.”

Child like faith Matthew 18:2-4It is like that childlike faith as in when you trusted your parents as a little child that they would protect you and keep you save. You might resist your parents in certain areas, but they knew better and kept you from danger or harm. As a child playing in the street, a parent would know better and say NO. Our heavenly Father is The Best Parent for us in our spiritual walk helping even though invisible by the Holy Spirit in our life taking step by step. Countless millions of Christians can testify to that.

With all the stresses in our lives, the Lord wants and encourages you to have a conversation with God (prayer) daily each day. You can be walking, eating, brushing your teeth, etc. and say, God, this is stressing me out. Lord, please help me as I come like a new baby Christian, trusting you as I would trust my earthly parents. I am going to leave it with you and take baby steps in trusting you no matter what the outcome is. As I know I am in your perfect will, even though I am imperfect and will make mistakes the rest of my life, you are there to forgive me and pick me up and clean all my wounds and bruises.

God offers a wonderful promise to all who do not know Him:
"Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow: though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool" (Isaiah 1:18).
See yourself as God sees YouNo matter what your past is like, God no longer sees you as you once were. Instead, you’ve been transformed into His precious, lovely, spotless son or daughter when you accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.  God because of what Jesus has done on the cross died for your sins and washed your sins away. God sees you as perfect through Jesus. Never forget that.

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