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Gospel of John - Knowing God Better

21 Day Study Guide in the Book of John that goes along with you reading your Bible in the Gospel of John a chapter a day.

If you're looking to take the first step in reading God's Word, our 21-day Challenge is for you. It's a simple way to begin making Bible reading part of your day.

We believe that there is a message from God and about God and His will for your life in the gospel of John.  Finally, we are trusting God to speak to us personally and as a part of the body of Christ. You get to see what it says, on your own. No one checking your answers. This is purely your own exploration. And it's free!

You will be surprised at the life-altering changes that will happen in your life as you develop an important habit of reading God's Word every day sign up here.

Gospel of John 21 Day Study Guide
Probably the most important thing you can do is develop the habit of reading the Bible every day. It’s the primary way that God speaks to us, which means it’s vital to your relationship with Him as you follow along with this study guide of the Gospel of John.

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