Questions For God?



It’s often difficult to believe in a God we cannot see. We wonder why God didn’t answer our prayers, why God allows suffering, or why we can’t feel His presence.

Different Versions of "God" that does not exist.

We start to put God in a box, we create our own ideas about Him and what He's suppose to do for us.

On-Demand God

I pray and pray but God doesn't give me what I ask for and how I ask for it.

Killjoy God

I don't want to be held down by religion. I'd rather have fun and happiness in my life.

Goose bumps God

God should make me feel a certain way, and I just don't feel Him move the way He does for other people.

Heartless God

There are so many tragedies in the world, and I can't believe loving God would allow them to happen.

It’s easy to make assumptions about who God is when we only see Him in the wrong light. When you say “I want to believe,” are you talking about God, or your own version of Him?

Want to believe in a God who fixes all your problems? Or maybe a God who would do away with tragedies and just make you happy? God doesn’t always fit within our expectations—and that’s good news!

Let’s talk about why in I Want to Believe, But...
God doesn’t need to fit our expectations—and that’s not a bad thing! Let’s learn why in I Want to Believe, But.... here.

God Didn't Answer My Prayer!

If we worship a God who loves us and who can do all things, why doesn’t He do them when and how we ask? It’s a great question—and we will discuss it here.

God Has Too Many Rules

Christians talk about having joy and being free in Christ, but how can that be true if they have to follow all of God’s rules? Let’s read about it here.

I Don't Feel God

Have you ever wondered why you can’t always feel God when you think you should? It’s something many people wonder about, and it’s what we’re going to look at here.

God Doesn't Seem To Care

Sometimes when we look at all the pain and hurt in the world, it seems like God doesn’t care about what we’re going through. We will discuss here.

I Want To Believe, But...

Have you ever wondered why God? When asking God why, it's useful remembering the who. The more we see who God is, the more fully we can understand His ways here.

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When asking God why, its's useful to remember who God is.

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