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  • Video 1 The Invitation
  • Video 2 Jesus
  • Video 3 Believe
  • Video 4 The Old Testament!
  • Video 5 Matthew 22:39
  • Video 6 Not the End
  • Video 7 Crucification
  • Video 8 The Bible
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Inspirational Videos

Encouraging Inspirational Videos Above

A Collection of Short Inspirational Christian Videos Free Online.

Video 1. The Invitation
The Invitation into Love.
1:28 minutes long

Video 2. Names of Jesus
Inspiring video of the Names of Jesus.
This video pays tribute to many of the names that have been given to Jesus our savior with a progression of both music and animation.
3 minutes

Video 3. Believe in God
God's Love.
Can you imagine what the world would become if we lived like this!?
Love God, with all of your heart, all your soul, all your mind, and love your neighbor as yourself.
3:05 minutes

Video 4. The Old Testament
Summary of the Old Testament
Told in only 5 minutes.
5:37 minutes

Video 5. Change Your Life
"Love your neighbor as yourself" Matthew 22:39.
Excellent Video that will change your life. I have no words left.
4:35 minutes

Video 6. Not the End
We run from our past.
Hope Can be found.
Only the Beginning.
3 minutes

Video 7. Crucifixion - The Sacrifice
Video on the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ and what Jesus went through for you and me.
Jesus makes all things new!
(Parent Advisory violent scenes might not be suitable for young children.)
5:29 minutes

Video 8. The Gospel Message
The Gospel Message summarized in 11 minutes.
10:50 minutes