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New Christians "Survival Guide"
Next Steps For A New Christian


Growing in Your Relationship with Jesus.
What does it take to Grow?
10 Steps to Grow Spiritually.

Step 1 Spiritual Growth
Growth in prayer, reading the Bible, obedience, worship, telling others and Holy Spirit


Relationship with God in Prayer.
How do I go about Praying as I should?
That is what prayer is, simply talking to God,

Praying as I Should!
Prayer is Putting Oneself in the Hands of God


I forget to pray.
Have a lot of questions?

Salvation Prayer Learn More
A Prayer to God for Everyone


Do You have a Bible Reading Plan?



70 Bible Reading Plans Here
Reading God's Word and Obedience to God's Word


Sign up for our Free 21 Day Study Guides and Devotionals.
For new to the Bible to Developing Christians.

Free Study Guides & Devotionals
Discovering a Daily Devotional Life


CONFIDENCE in your new relationship.


Confidence vs Doubting Here
Prayer to our Heavenly Father


Christian Fellowship
100 Reasons Why Go To Church?


Church Is Fun! Learn More
Church Fellowhip at Caring and Nurturing Church


First Water Baptism identifies our desire to obey Christ.
Second, Water Baptism identifies our desire to be joined to Christ.

Importance of Water Baptism
HOw Important is Baptism?


Holy Spirit Within - INDWELLING Presence
Holy Spirit - INFILLING Power

Learn More About Holy Spirit
The Role of the Holy Spirit Within


Nine fruits of the Holy Spirit Indwelling presence.

Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit
The Indwelling Presence of the Holy Spirit


Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit Infilling Power.

Infilling Power of the Holy Spirit
How do you get Batised in the Holy Spirit?


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New Christians "Survival Guide"
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Next Steps Slideshow



Congratulations on accepting Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. You are beginning a new life in Jesus. What should I do now that I've decided to follow Jesus?

Next Steps For New Christians
What is My Life Purpose?

You’ve just made the most important commitment a person can make in life. If you have placed your faith in Jesus and decided to follow him, you have experienced what the Bible calls a new birth.” And just like you have a physical birthday, you have a spiritual birthday the day you became a Christian and began your walk with God.

One of your questions may be, “What do I do now?” Here’s some information to help you in your journey. Now that you are a Christian, your life is different. You may not feel like a Christian every day, but following Jesus is not based on feelings. It’s based on the fact that Jesus died on the cross for your sins and that you have a relationship with him.

Once you become a Christian, you are part of His family. You might still sin, because you are not perfect. You may have questions, doubts and concerns, but rest assured that if you have truly committed your life to God, then you are a Christian.



As a new Christian, probably one of the most important things you can do is to read the Bible. At least once a day read a portion of the Bible. You can read a chapter or a column each day. A good place for a new believer to start is the "Gospel of John". If you're looking to take a the first step in reading God's Word, our 5 minute 21-day Book of John Challenge is for you here. Or we recommend our Gospel of John 15 minute 21-day challenge sent once a day by email here.

We encourage you to spend time each day reading God’s Word during some quiet time.

Reading the Bible is an ImportantJust like we let a steak or a chicken breast soaked in a great marinade, we think on God’s Word and let it soak into our lives. As you read the Bible, underline words or phrases that stick out. Think about what it really means. Write questions down and seek answers. Memorize key verses, and think about God’s Word as you go throughout the day.

Recommend that you find a Bible reading plan that suits you as an individual and your schedule at 70 Bible Reading Plans here and checked out our Creative Bible Reading Study Methods here to help you be successful in your Bible reading.

What Bible translation should I choose?
Recommend using the New International Version Bible, New American Standard, New King James Version, English Standard Version, and many other good translations.. Ask God to speak to your heart before you start and then listen to your heart as you read. You can find these translations at a bookstore or on the online at Christian Book. Com. A great site where you can search and understand God’s Word in different translations is But remember, the Bible cannot help you if it sits on a table or in the back seat of a car.

If you don’t have a Bible, let any Pastor know, and He will be glad to give you one. Or look online to buy one here or if you need help in finding the right Bible at a reasonable price under $15.00 go here.


Talking To GodSometime each day should be spent alone with God away from the distractions of the family even if it's only for a few minutes. Prayer is not formal: we are simply talking to God as we would to a friend. If you are not sure how to pray, begin by thanking God for all the good things that have happened to you, then pray for others, and finally pray for your own needs. You may want to spend some silent time waiting on the Lord to speak to your heart. Also, it is good to learn to pray throughout the day, for example: while driving alone in the car, or while doing some task which requires no concentration. And as good things happen during the day, take a moment to thank God for them.

If you want to get to know someone, you could read about them. But you might also want to talk to them. God wants to have a relationship with you – one that is real and one that is personal. The Bible is full of invitations for you to talk to God. You don’t have to pick up a phone, or send an e-mail…you can talk to the very creator of the universe right now where you are. Prayer is simply talking to God. You don’t have to use big words or flowery language. You don’t have to know fancy terms. You can talk to God just like you would talk to any friend. In fact, as a Christian, God is your Father and your Friend! In Mark 1:35, we read about Jesus "Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed." Imagine that! If Jesus needed to pray, how much more do we need to talk to God? So, how do you do it? Prayer is just talking to God. It’s a two way, direct-connect, with no long distance charges. It’s a child talking to a father, and the ultimate phone-a-friend. Read this section on prayer for more information to guide you here.


Consistently Go To ChurchAttend a good church every Sunday, join a Bible study, get together with other Christians. You need the encouragement and support of others who have an understanding of how God works in our lives.

Just like a football player needs a team, a Christian needs a church. In Matthew 16:18, Jesus said: "...and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it." The church was essential to Jesus. The church was important to the first Christians who risked everything to meet together. Right now, in some places in the world, it is against the law to attend church so Christians meet secretly, with the threat of punishment or death hanging over their heads. The church is important. You need to connect yourself to the body of Christ (a Biblical term for the church). The church is like the human body, and each person serves an important part.

Everyone needs to be involved for the church to function properly. The church is not made up of perfect people, or good people, or religious people…it’s made up of people who have decided to follow Jesus – people like you.

So, why be involved with Church?
Athletes need practice and coaching, and so do Christians. God has placed spiritual leaders in the church who will help you grow closer to God. You’ll hear God’s Word explained, and you’ll have a chance to worship God alongside other Christians. You’ll be part of that team, all working together. The church will provide you opportunities to learn more about Jesus, and you’ll grow in your faith. If you need help in finding a nurturing local Church in your area, contact us, and we will send you 3 to 5 caring Churches in your area here.

Father God, nothing is more important to me than seeking you! Please help me find the church near me where you want me to worship and learn about you. As I go to a Christian church in my area, please confirm in my spirit when I have worshipped in the one that's the best fit for my spiritual growth and service to you.


Live for Jesus!If you’re drowning – you certainly want someone to save you. Surrendering to the Lordship of Jesus means that you willingly make Him the boss of your life. He’s not riding in the car with you. He’s driving the car. He’s not the co-pilot; He’s the pilot. He is large and in charge.

He created you. He saved you. He gives you all sorts of blessings. He has earned the right to be your Lord. How can we be considered faithful followers of Jesus, yet be disobedient in various areas of our lives? Does Jesus have control of your life, or are you playing Christian? Here is the best part. When Jesus is Lord, you’ll have unexplainable peace from God. You’ll rest in the fact that He is in charge. You won’t worry as much. You won’t be as restless because you know that the very creator of the universe is in the driver’s seat and He knows the way.

Without Him, living a life that pleases God is impossible. With him, you can do anything and everything through Christ who gives you strength through the Spirit. Read John 7:37-39. What does Jesus promise to those who come to him? Discover more about the Holy Spirit and His role in your life here.


We want to become a mature Christian overnight. We want to have an understanding of spiritual things, and we want everything to be changed immediately. Be patient! Good things only come through perseverance and with time.

Doubts, failings, not understanding the BibleOur Failings 
Now that you have committed your life to the Lord, it's easy to expect yourself to always act with pure intentions and to walk perfectly before God. When we fail, which we all do, we can become very disappointed with ourselves and become discouraged. The Christian walk is one of learning to turn over areas of our lives for God to handle. When we try to do things in our own strength, we will fail. But as we mess up, we learn to trust God in those areas of our life. So God uses our failings to help us grow in him. Don't become frustrated when you fail. Think of it as an opportunity for God to teach you how to better trust in Him. More information here.

Not Understanding the Bible
As a new believer, it's easy to become frustrated by our lack of Biblical knowledge. Often, we have no idea where any of the books of the Bible are located, and it seems that everyone else is so much more spiritually mature than we are that we will never catch up. Like anything else, knowledge of the Bible comes from reading and studying the Bible. When you entered kindergarten, you didn't think that you would understand algebra, did you? It's the same with God's word. God will give you understanding as you learn his word one day at a time. You will be amazed at how quickly the Holy Spirit will reveal God's truths to you as you read the Bible. Discover more about how to understand the Bible here.

Doubts & FearsWhen we make a commit to Jesus, we are often filled with tremendous feelings of God's love, peace, and joy. We are excited! But then when something bad happens to us, we may lose that initial joy, and since the feelings are gone, we may question whether we are saved or not. We are not saved by feelings. We are saved because God did a work in our life. The Bible confirms this to us. Sometimes we have to walk by faith. Whether you feel glad or sad, know that God still loves you, and he is with you to help you along the way. More on confidence here.

The Bible tells us that after God plants His word in our heart, the enemy comes to try to fill us with doubt. You may question whether God really did something miraculous in your life. Remember, we are saved by faith, and we live by faith. Doubt can only grow in our heart if we allow faith to take a vacation. Discover more on doubts and faith here.

The Reaction of Friends and Relatives
The response of those who knew us before we were saved can be unexpected. We may lose friends: we no longer have the same values as they do. Our family may consider us weird or fanatical. Old friends may get mad at us when we don't do the same old things with them like we used to, such as partying or doing drugs. We don't want to shut out friends or relatives, but we may have to choose between them and the Lord. We can still show them love, but we soon discover that the way we look at things has changed here.

Answers to Prayer
As a new believer, you may have a desire to get everyone in your family saved, and see your whole neighborhood come to church with you. Or you may pray for God to instantly heal you or solve your financial problems or deliver you from bad habits. We sometimes pray and expect God to immediately grant our prayer request. God wants to see your family saved. But He allows them to decide: He forces no man to serve him. Find out more here.

God desires only good for you, but He wants you to learn step-by-step how to trust in him. If God would instantly deliver us from all of our problems, we would never learn how to trust Him. When we pray, God always answers. But sometimes the answer is yes, sometimes no, and sometimes wait. We need to trust that he knows what's best for us. So when you pray, always pray "according to Your will." But don't ever forget that prayer changes things. Pray for your loved ones, pray for healing, pray for deliverance. God has promised that our prayers are very effective. Uncover more here.

A Rosy Outlook
When we first become a Christian, we may have the idea that everything is going to be wonderful and all our problems are solved. As long as we live in this sinful world, there will be problems, confusion, and turmoil in our life. We are not immune from these things. The difference is we have someone to guide us through our difficult times, and someone who has promised that whatever happens to us will work out for our own good. As we learn to trust in Jesus, we will discover that we can have peace even in the most trying of circumstances.

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The longer I’m a Christian, the more I realize that I don’t have all the answers. There’s a lot about the Bible that I don’t understand. I think Christianity is a life journey. It has a definite starting point, but every day is essential. If we can help you on your Christian walk in any way, just let us know by contacting us here. We’re here to help you through your spiritual next steps.


Yes, I have decided to follow Jesus.

Yes, I am already a Christian.

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